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Home » commune » Arnières sur Iton

History : Arnières on Iton covers 1219 hectares, of which over 700 are forested. The town was born in 1845 from the merger of Arnières and Bérengeville River. The words “sur Iton” was added in 1930. It is  from the stones of Bapaume career that were rebuiltEvreux Cathedral and many buildings in the region. The Mills Arnières on Iton belonged to the King and the Count of Evreux. At the time, they were living centers, commercial premises, the points where the new converged. The mill Moussel destroyed by the English during the Hundred Years War was rebuilt from 1439. It operated until 1956.

Monument : The Church of Saint Martin built in the 15th with flint clay, was heavily remodeled in the 16th century; it has stained glass windows and a remarkable Virgin and Child. Mary lying Queige (1851-1875) at the cemetery by Décorchemont.

highlights : Panorama from the viewpoint of St Sebastien de Morsent (you can get there on foot along the road from the coast to Buis).  Scottish Highland Cattle breed heifers for a “clearing” ecological
– Cycle trails : circuit A la conquête de l’Ouest et circuit des Dolmens
– Hiking : circuit des Moulins
– Walks long the river iton, picnic area

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  • Maire : Bernard MACH
  • Habitants : 1647
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