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Home » commune » Emalleville

History : In 1134, Geoffroy de Chesney gave Emalleville church to the Abbey of  Bec Hellouin , with a two-day fair which began the day before the Ascension.Le name of the place has  not changed for eight centuries.  “Esmallevilla” in 1170 in a  charter given to the Abbey of Bec-Hellouin and “Emallevilla” in a charter for the Abbey of Noë, located in Bonneville. The name is formed from the word “villa” with a sense of rural area, to which is attached an Anglo-Saxon name “Smala”, presumably  one of the first owners. This town, located near the forest preserves some testimonials of a traditional half-timbered architecture.

Monument : On the front of the church, in a niche, an unusual statue of a man in a suit of the reign of Louis XII, holding a falcon on his arm. The church was rebuilt after the Hundred Year War,  under the patronage of Notre Dame, was dedicated in 1520, the day St Gorge (Gorgon). In sacred history, Gorgon is an officer who converted to Christianity, was martyred under the Emperor Diocletian in 303. According to ancient traditions, it is related to the worship of a deity of water and fertility . He was invoked for nervous diseases, rheumatism. Saint Gorgon is often depicted as a Roman warrior with sword and shield. A Emalleville, this is a fairly classic representation of the patron saint of notaries and notaries.

Accommodation: Château d’Emalleville



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