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Twin : Rüsselsheim in Germany & Rugby in England


1st Century The Gallo roman people known as the Aulerques Eburovices gave its present name to Evreux.

In 276/277 invasions & building of the ramparts

5th century The town was evangelized in the by Saint Taurin

In 912, Rollon became the first Duke of Normandy and made a donation in order to rebuild the five Norman cathedrals, among which Evreux.

990The county of Evreux was founded

during the 100 year war the Counts of Evreux were much spoken of: Charles the Bad, pretending to the throne of France, concluded pact whether with the French or with the English.

At the end of the 15th century, the city was rebuilt thanks to the generosity of Louis the 11th, who embellished the cathedral. The new bishop’s palace The bourgeois on their side, built the belfry,

In 1662 the Duke of Bouillon built the Navarre castle

During the revolution, a lot of religious buildings disappeared.

Prefecture (the main city of the department) of the Eure since 1790,

1810 1814 Empress Josephine lived in Navarre Castle

In the 19th century the city is industrialised: big factories were constructed in the Navarre outskirt and the train station was built in 1856. Evreux has become the home of a lot of civil, military and cultural institutions: Tilly barrack, new town hall, theatre, museum, and library.

On the 9Th and 10Th of June 1940, Evreux was destructed by the German bombs. The rebuilding, during war, engineers kept the medieval map of the city and enhanced all the monuments that were preserved.

The after war era sees the extension of Evreux on the heights, with the urbanisation of the outskirts of La Madeleine, Netreville and Saint Michel.

Today the Great Evreux has 84 000 inhabitants in 37 « communes » of which 54 000 are in the town centre.

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  • Maire : Guy LEFRAND
  • Habitants : 51178
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