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Local Products & Gastronomy Clos cerisey Evreux Normandie


Enjoy the products Made in Grand Evreux!

Normandy abounds with delicious local products. Take advantage of your stay in Evreux and enjoy local Norman food!

Between gourmet delights and traditions, local specialties Grand Evreux tell you about Normandy: Pink Cider from red flesh apples, apple chocolate, goat cheese…

For sustainable and local food, we recommend you the best place in Grand Evreux.

« La boutique de l’Office de Tourisme » offers a wide range of local and regional products but also many souvenirs.


Markets in Grand Evreux

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Evreux town centre – Place Clemenceau: Wednesday and Saturday morning

Evreux « la Madeleine »: Friday afternoon, Sunday morning

Evreux « Navarre »: Sunday morning

Evreux « Nétreville »: Wednesday afternoon

Evreux « St Michel »: Tuesday and Friday morning

St Sebastien de Morsent: Sunday morning

Les Ventes: Friday 16h 18h

Le Val David: Tuesday afternoon

Farmers’ markets

They are different to ordinary food markets because everything on sale has been grown, reared, baked, caught or produced by the seller. As well as being a source of quality food, farmers’ markets are good for the environment. Everything is produced locally, cutting down on food miles :
In Eure Valley on the second Saturday each month (except 19th December)



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