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Address : 8 rue des Thermes 27930 LE VIEIL EVREUX
Phone number : +33 (0)2 32 31 94 78
Site internet : Visit the website

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Close to Evreux, a major Gallo-roman place in Northern France!


The Archaeological Site of Gisacum is known to be a major Gallo-roman place in Northern France.

In the 2nd century AD, the city-sanctuary of Gisacum extended near Saint-Aubin, which was gradually abandoned until disappearing in 5th century. In the 1801 archaeological excavations uncovered this important Gallo-Roman site; but in reality at the time the town covered an area of 250 ha. The interpretation centre has a permanent exhibition tracing the history of Gisacum, and the archaeological garden offers an original development of the thermal baths, which helps to visualise the disappeared monuments, in a pleasant landscape setting. This former antic city of 250 ha was the capital of the Aulerques Eburovices tribe: There was a sanctuary, thermal baths, a theater and a forum.

The interpreter’s centre, the archaeological garden baths, the exceptional guided tours dedicated to excavations in progress (theatre, sanctuary), the fun activities for the whole family but also the Gallo roman days in August are all good reasons to have fun while discovering the Gallo-roman world!





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