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Address : Cathédrale Notre Dame 27000 EVREUX


The “Episcopal city” is composed of the Cathedral and the former bishop’ palace. Evreux is one of the most beautiful examples on the matter. It has been beautifully enlightened since December 2009. Both monuments are presently under construction for architectural renovation and tourist enhancement.


The Cathedral, consecrated to the Virgin by Archbishop of Canterbury since 1076, brings together all the major trends of religious styles, from the Romanesque period to Renaissance. It possesses magnificent stained-glass windows, aka real master pieces of stained-glass art from 13th and 16th centuries. The iron gates of the choir, works of ironsmith Jacques de la Haye, the 17th century pulpit from the Bec Hellouin Abbey, and the treasure chapel are all to be admired. Damaged in 1940, the Cathedral’s restoration was only ompleted in 1973, when a golden rooster was installed at the top of the new spire. Since 2007, you can also admire a magnificent modern organ, which is celebrated every year on the occasion of an Organ and Holy Music festival during Spring.


The Bishop’s Palace, located on the south side of the Cathedral, has been existed since the Early Middle- Ages. It has been burned many times and in the early 16th Century, Bishop Raoul Du Fou decided to build a palace worthy to the power of Bishops. The architect of that time (the same as the Belfry Moteau or Smoteau) chose to build it onto the Gallo-roman rampart. The palace is built with a dual aim: to seduce and to defend. In the South, the main building, overhanging the moat, looks very military while the North facade, with a flamboyant gothic-style turret, features a more attractive stately architecture. Today it is converted into a Museum.


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