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Address : Place Saint Taurin 27000 EVREUX


Founded in the 10th century by “Richard sans Peur”, duke of Normandy, the church was built on the suspicious spot of St Taurin grave, the first bishop and evangelizer of Evreux. This former Benedictine Abbey became a parish church after Revolution. The church, several times restructured, presents a wide range of architectural styles from 12ths to 19ths century: romanesque, gothic and baroque. There are beautiful 15th Century’s, 19th century’s and Maurice Max-Ingrand contemporary stainedglass windows. The shrine, masterpiece of silversmith ordered in 1253, is unique in the world.

The St Taurin Shrine

Ordered in 1253 by Abbey Gilbert de Saint Martin, the Shrine contains some relics of Saint Taurin and Saint Laudulphe, who, according to legends, found the location of the grave of Saint Taurin thanks to a dream. The reliquary, medieval masterpiece of silversmith, is really delicate: it has been built like a mini gothic cathedral, covered with gold leaf, gilded copper and silver, with enamels and precious stones inlaid. The shrine, kept in a chapel, weights about 82kg, is 1.20m high and 1.05m long!

Legends & truths!

According to the legend, Taurin fought against 3 animal demons when arriving in Evreux: a lion, a bear and a buffalo aka pride, lust and greed corresponding to the 3 local religions … Then, pilgrims arrived to pray and some miracles occurred… The cult of St Taurin was born!


Good to know : St Taurin Abbey Church is on the Road of Norman Abbeys



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